Saturday, April 26, 2008

oh... Justice... Like that Band? Um No.

Justice circa 2000
I feel a little like Michael Bolton. Not the singer, but the character in Mike Judge's Office Space. I've been Mister Justice for as long as I can remember. Now there is a Christian club electronica group with the same name. JUSTICE (as seen below.)

So what's a vigilante to do, when someone kicks their ass and takes their name?
I don' know. I might have to change my name.

Originality with super heroes is key... I mean there's not a dozen people called Spider-Man, (forget the clone saga) but in real life I think if a couple of people really had spider-esque powers, they might all start calling them selves spider-man, and set up franchises around the world... but then some of the spider men might not agree on ethics or use of violence or any other reason people generally don't get along and they might want to change there name to.

So really, I didn't know much about the music Justice made and I'll admit, I actually like it. So maybe its okay, we can share names, after all Justice isn't a person or a band, its a principle. (and I will save that for another day.)

What worries me most about this is that Justice (the band) heavily uses the Cross as their iconography. I have really yet to see what their music has to do with christianity, but regaurdless anyone who has seen their posters our t-shirts or videos, can now associates "Justice" with a big white cross (which as a libertarian brings up all sorts of cynical commentary, but i don't want to get into that.)

As someone who could be labeled with some kind of savior complex, I worry about the association between me and Jesus. I mean I already have a big unrelated J on my chest.
But I don't want to bring it up especially on the streets of Montreal cause people get crazy about JC.

Anyway, Now I have this song in my head. It's got a classy video so. Enjoy.
Mx. Justice.

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