Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Justice arrives in Montreal

This is the Blog of Mixter Justice, or just Justice cause I'm still a little confused by the prefix.So I'm a vigilante, an activist, an artist, and a "Real-Life-Super-Hero" from Bridge City. With this blog I hope to archive my activities and inspire the public to be radical.
Justice believes in oral hygiene.

I was finally able to patrol the streets in Montreal Quebec, with my superpal Honesty. I'm new to this area so we mostly walked around in circles looking for people to help out. But I found something to do quickly, a sign post was tipped over on a pile of uncleared garbage in an ally of Mont Royal. Tipping it up i realized it was a sign saying this is where to put garbage, or something of that variety. A passing man told me I should email the picture to the city so they would take action... but after further deduction i've decided the man was confused.
tipped over sign, No MORE!

Later on I found a Hummer parked on St. Lauraunt, and I left him a little note, which i 'spose is a little ironic considering he probably threw it away and there for i created some unnecessary waste, but i think it was worth it.
Hummers... what is this? Trash the Earth day?

I continued my walkabout making a brief stop to check out a potential new (old) Justice mobile, while humorous in appearance I don't think the broken toddler tractor is an efficient mode of transportation.
Back to the alley for you, tractor.

Next I found some travelers camped out on the side of the road, they were on a road trip from New York to Seatle, taking the Northern Route through Canada. They were looking for a good park and sleazy dive bar for later. I showed them a couple parks on my map, (Park du mont Royal and Parc La Fontaine) and my associate Honesty reminisced about a bar named "Miami".
Alex and the white van women

Continuing my walk up St. Laurent, I found an interesting posting. "BOYCOTTONS - KR(swastika)FT - Kraft-Altria, NY, US."
and on the reverse of the little note said "PSYCHIATRES + KRAFT = NAZISME". I wasn't really sure what this meant, at first i thought it was an advertisement for a nazi-punk show, featuring a band called "BoyCottons" and "Kraft." Nazi's being one the oldest enemies of comic book super heroes I found this disturbing.
Boycott Kraft and Altria
So later at home when I googled "Kraft" to find out moe about the band, all I got was links for the Kraft food company. After searching "Kraft Altria" I realised Altria was a mega corporation (previously known as the Phillip Morris Company) that owns 20+ tobacco companies, KoolAid, Jell-O, Kraft Dinner and a bunch of other food brands. And then I realized BoyCottons isn't a "clever" band name, it's just french for Boycott. So long story short, I don't know the direct connection between Nazi's and the mega-corporation Altria, but we cans safely assume they are both bad organizations.

Outside a hospital on the way up Duluth to the Mountain

Wow, so after that Honesty had to go home and I took a trek to Park du Mont Royal, (aka the MOUNTAIN) to see if anyone needed help. When I got there I was ambushed by drug dealers! and by that I mean, about 8 people asked me if i wanted to by some weed. I thought it was pretty odd, considering I'm dressed like a super-hero... which generally wouldn't be known to smoke pot... but I'm not a fascist so i don't hold it against them. One of my general rules for life is that any body who is educated on the subject should be able to put what ever they want into to their body. After having a sit down in the shade, I decided to retire for the day.
with all that R and R its surprising Pirates get anything done.
So long and Good Day,
Mx Justice.