Sunday, June 17, 2007

The case of the endless street party that wouldn't end!

The case of the endless street party that wouldn't end!
It was June 1st, or second... I should have "blogged" this immediately as I've already forgot some important details...
oh yeah it was close to midnight... so it was both... hmmmm... I had made my way over to St. Viateur in the "Mile End" Motreal.
There was an street party going on called Viateur fest or somehing. I was running a little lae 10:30ish and it appeared to be ending as I arrived. Which was just in time. Sure there were a few cops around to make sure no drunken fights had broken out, but the were mostly just standing around anyway.

So I arrived to see if any body needed help and to make profiles of local gang activity....
And I just happened to find a particularly menacing group of Street Hoods!
Who turned out to be swell people after all.
hip to be hosers
Infact one of these cool kids had a pantyhose t-shirt just like me. Which proves, I'm hip with the street stylez!

Yes the entire croud seemed like they were having a good time at this community gathering.
So upward and onward. Then north to the train tracks.


Above is the panoramic picture that delayed this post from posting... its hard to find a free website that will let post a ling image... and thenwhen i made the flash file they suddenly don't like flash files...

Anyway, the story continues as the free fun fest is fuzzed up.

They asked the djs to get down.

I wanted to photograph the scene incase any uncalled for police brutality errupted.
As it turns out the dj's and police were able to cut a deal where they wouldn't be fined for noise disturbances if they packed up and went home.

A strange warning.

Well, that about wraps it up. On the walk home it started to rain.
Mx Justice, over and out.

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Freida Bee said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Mixter Justice. I am always impressed by MacGuyver moves, but not nearly as impressed as when someone is able to work MacGuyver as a verb into a sentence. The world needs more super heroes in pantyhose shirts! Excellent.