Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Cat Burglar!!! what?

Last week I was walking down St. Viateur in Montreal.
A hand written letter stapled to a telephone pole caught my eye.
The news was shocking, it was a warning to be on the look out for for a white van traveling the alleys of the mile end by night cat-napping cats. That is too say, stealling cats, not pulling over for a quick nap. (Although that is a safe driving technique I suggest for drowsy drivers.)

I went back the next day to take a picture and to my surprise it was gone! I quickly looked around the curb and gutter of the street for any remnants of torn piece of paper. The street was uncharacteristically litter free. Just then a white van ripped by! I photographed the van and it's license plate. Was the missing poster condemning white vans related to the sudden appearance of the white van? Urg... I may never know.

I found a second posting of the warning near "the mountain" and this time I got a picture. Here, have a read:


Now I see white vans every where but none have a conclusive evidence of wrong doing.

That night I left the apartment at about 1:30pm. I made sure my cat was secured inside before jumping the wire fence in to the alley. I slink in and out of the darkness between street lights. The glowing eyes of cats can be seen in almost every yard. If I were these Cat-stealing jerks, I'd be hitting the Jack pot.

ALLEY OOPS! no batteries left

A motion light comes on and I jump a little, then I move on. I feel self-conscious. What if someone thinks I'm the Cat-Burglar? I feel more relaxed knowing there is know one else around. Except cats! and their creepy eyes! Relax you feline bastards I'm on your side.

I return home about half and hour later. Nothing to report. Mystery Unsolved.

Who are these Kitty Thieves?
What do the do with those Cats?
Who is posting these warning signs?

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