Thursday, October 2, 2008

You will believe a Man can fly...

You will believe a Man can fly
...from Montreal to Toronto to Saskatoon to Calgary.
Before my first flight took off, I skimmed through the in flight reading material. They must of seen me coming cause they had a whole article on superhero supplies, and gave me a good reason to go to Brooklyn some time soon.
Brooklyn SuperHero Supply Store
No one was sitting beside me between Montreal and Toronto, but I still didn't have enough room to follow along with the work-out channel. I think it would be neet if we exercised on planes, I'd call them Air-o-bics. Ha ha ha ha... uh. Yep.
iron man
From Toronto to Saskatoon I watched the first fifteen minutes of the pay per view Iron Man before is cut out and I took a nap. Waking up to see the most extraordinary thing!!!
Flying Man!
Ha ha, no I'm kidding. I just kept imagining someone flying over the amazing Canadian landscape. What a beautiful country. If that someone was me, I'd use the spare leg room to fly around and do Air-oh-bics.
Weeeee! I don't want a cramp.
Oh... yeah no I was building up to something there... The most extraordinary thing!!! A full circle rainbow!!!
360 rainbow!!!!
Well it might not be that amazing, but I thought it was neat. I kept trying to figure out how the optical effect was created but eventually gave up. I think they might call this a "sundog" but I don't know maybe it was a dimly lit Foofighter Or a treadmill for Leprechauns.
SPeaking of awesome things. I stopped in Saskatoon for a couple of days to visit family and meet my nephew for the first time.
Even more so compared to this poor Jose Mestre, ho I watched a special on during my final flight to Calgary. It was called "the Man with no Face."
It is a Tumor.
Finally I made it back to Calgary, landing at light speed like Dave in!
I wonder what Space baby like powers await me in this confusing and perhaps abstract end to a story...
Duhn Duhn Duhn!

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