Sunday, October 5, 2008

DAY 2: LETHBRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS... or wait... no trouble at all.

Saturday afternoon I ran around during the day, trying to do some random errands and print some singalong songs in a little book for tonight's MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR!!!
Mountain Standard Time arranged a special chartered school bus to take us to Lethbridge to see some art stuff! (See my review of Lethbridge for details on the city.) Who are we? People who signed up I guess, and I looked around the bus at about 14 people and I feel confident saying they were artsy art folks. Neat!

So I made this book, and despite the fun promised on the cover... I think it was a huge failure.For one thing the sing-along songs had typos (dang internet). And the sudoku I printed was totally to hard. I used a code cracker on the internet to solve it, so here's it solved.
Well any way, we had fun anyway.

I interviewed Caitlin (in the back) and Nicole (in the front) about concerns with Calgary.
Hi Caitlin, I am going to interview you on a bus. What do you think about Public Transportation in Calgary?
Well I live pretty close to downtown. I usually ride my bike to work. But I know if if I have to get to place in the South or up in the North East I generally have to take two trains and a buss or two buses and a train to get there. I've had jobs where public transit would take me more than an hour to get to work and if a bus was late, I would sometimes be up to three hours late for work.
What do you think of Bicycles in the city, is it Safe?
I personally am one of those people who rides on the side walk as I don't feel safe riding on the streets. I find the motorists are very aggressive and they don't share the road like they are supposed to.
What kind of things could be improved in Calgary?
How about Rent Control? Public Transportation and Free Recreational activities such as festivals. Other cities seem to be kicking our asses on the Festival Scene.
Thank you Caitlin, have a good day
You're welcome Citizen Justice.
So, Nicole... what do you think about public trasnsportation in Calgary?
I barely use transit but I think its pretty good, its better than Edmonton.
Well what about bicycles?
Bicycles are amazing. BUT I think the City of Calgary's claim that they have more kilometres of bike paths than any other city in Canada is Total Bull S***. The bike paths are all along the river so for those of use who commute to work it doesn't really help.
Also the city's version of bike lanes is too paint a picture of a bike on a road and post a sign that says to share the road. Which is not the same as a seperate lane with a curb and a division like they have in montreal. I think this city needs to re-think its bike friendly actions.
What are your pet peves about Calgary?
That it's taken till November of 2008 for Calgary to implement a curbside recylcling program, despite the fact that every north American city of this size had one. AND it will only be in houses, no apartment buildings.
Well... thanks Champ.

We got back on the bus at eleven pm. Every one was tired but it was awkward to sleep on a school bus. The stars were pretty. We drove for two hours and then A MYSTERIOUS FOG SWALLOWED THE BUS. We went in and out of long stretches of fog for the next thirty minutes till we hit down town Calgary. It was a little scary, a little beautiful and maybe a little dangerous, but our bus driver Roy knew how to handle it. He laughed at the challenge, "ha ha ha, stupid fog! you are know match for me!" is what I pretended to hear him say. Any way... we made it home safe and I spent my second night sleeping at the Epcor Center.

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