Saturday, October 4, 2008



I have moved into the Stride window gallery. It's a small 15' by 8' space in downtown Calgary's Plus 15 system. From here I will set up a home base while I tour downtown doing good deeds and trying my best to make Calgary a better place.

How did I get this opportunity? Well I was accepted into the Mountain Standard Time Performative Arts Festival Part 4. Wow, what a mouthful of awesome. Calgary is probably most famous for three things, 1988 Winter Olympics, The Calgary Tower and the Calgary Stampede. I would like the 4th reason to be the diverse arts and culture punctuated by the radical M:T festival. I think that would be something to strive for.

So you can't argue with success for the Calgary Stampede, that's why I am going to rip off their formula a bit and make it suit my needs. While the Stampede can be a lot of fun, giving people the opportunity for people to make believe they are cowboys. I have never been all that interested with cowboys (except for Back to the Future 3). So my ten day celebration is going to embrace superhero culture and the social implications of a science fantasy based reality!!!! Cue the music, (click here for a new window, it will probably say forbidden, but click on the url and press enter and then come back to this window.)


So here I am in my temporary apartment ready to head out for the night and do some good! I walk head down to 17th ave. Picking up some litter on the way (including a hub cap and 2 green leprechaun hats belonging to a local pub. I took the hub cap home, hoping to make good use of it. The hats I threw inside the bar and ran off.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

On 17th Ave I found a group or scientists providing a free service to the public.
The introduced them selves as Doctors Thorpe and Rothenberg and their assistant Dr. Staples (Un-Photographed)

They wanted to use their radio equipment to recalibrate me to 7.83 Megahurtz, which aparently is the same frequency admitted by the earth, commonly refered to as the heartbeat of the earth. (Citation needed.) For more information on this "Zero-Hour" Project click on the 13th and 14th last word in this sentence.

The good doctors needed some help protecting the securing wires running to the radio tower on the roof so I was able to give them a hand and have little fun up their as well.
land hoe!

Feeling a little peckish my new friends and I stopped by a local restaurant and bar for a bite. I had been carrying a box for Dr. Rothenberg and the bouncer gave us a hard time about it. "Who brings a a box to a happening joint?" "Who said this place was happening?" Burn...

Their Yam fries were tasty.

I walked back to the C-Train and caught a ride up the street to the Epcor Centre to go to sleep.

When I got to the Epcor Centre there was a giant line up of people waiting to get in the entrance. I asked them what was going on their and well most of them wouldn't answer. But I got that their was a party in their somewhere. I went to the front of the line to stalk to the security guy but he was busy and some guys in the crowd were laughing saying "YOU'RE not going to get IN", "but I live here." Then they were confused and I asked if I could take a picture of the big line up and they declined but one guy said "I'll take a photo with you..." so here we are.

After that I went and talked to security and he let me in right away. Take that!

I get back into my space and I am exhausted.

I still manage to stay up into the weee hours uploading pictures and trying to write legible sentences in this blog.

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